Based on contributing writer Andy Eames article, Surfing a Secret.Oct 2014.

The island’s of Taveuni and Qamea, a surfing secret spot.

The island of Taveuni, Fiji’s third larges island offering beauty wherever you look. With some of the worlds best diving,
fish and high land walks Taveuni is a place to be not over looked, especially when planning your next surfing holiday.

Offering world class waves and un-crowded conditions (often only just you and your boat load) the island of Qamea, only
a 30 minute boat ride off the main land of Taveuni, is surrounded by a beautiful natural reef system that has the ability
to break on either a SE or a SW swell. There are a number of left and right handed breaks that surround the island paradise
of Qamea and the surf resort on the island is able to offer experienced surf guides to take you out to the breaks which
will be firing on any swell.

Maqai Beach Resort offers an eco living holiday in style. The resort lies directly infront of the offshore break, just 1500m away,  a 10 minute boat ride across
the Nadilo Bay passage out to Maqai Reef is where you will find a world class right hander which runs for up to 250 meter which
the surfers can opt to stall and go for the quick long hollow barrel or race ahead and hack out the vertical face, all in all
a wave not to be overlooked.

Whilst you are out on Qamea you also have the options to just have a relaxing day in a hammock and read a book, walk down
to the local village and sit around the traditional Kava bowl or head up to the mountains for a scenic highland walk.

You have a couple of options on how to get to Taveuni. The quick and easy but often more expensive option is to jump onto
a flight straight into Matei airport, Taveuni islands main airport with flights leaving from both Nadi and Suva daily then
head out to Qamea via a quick 30 minute boat ride. Fiji Link fly’s into Taveuni daily from Nadi and Suva and Northern Air
flying a couple of times a week.

Your second option is to catch the “Spirit of Fiji Island” ferry departing from the Port of Suva and arriving in Taveuni
around 24hrs later. There are a number of different class options aboard the ferry ranging from economy through to your
own private cabin.